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​YESIGN  & Young​

Hello, I am Young. I am a chocolatier, graphic designer and product designer. My backgrounds are Food Science (&Psychology) and Product Design.


Chocolate is the only food that cheers me up and makes me sneeze. It has been scientifically proven that chocolate contains tryptophan, phenylethylamine and theobromine, which makes people feel happy. By the experience of eating chocolate, the satisfaction may cause the release of endorphins in brains to boost happiness and relieve stress. Dark chocolate with high cocoa provides antioxidant flavonoids to prevent cancers, protect blood vessels and promote cardiac health.  


YESIGN brought every element of me together. Since I was in university, I have been helping children and teenagers with mental disability in my spare time. Even now I spend a lot of casual time on mental health support. Using chocolate to spread smiles and love is just inevitable!

The brand name YESIGN has a multiply meaning. Letter 'Y' itself is the initial of Young. Letter 'YE' is my original family name with a meaning of LEAF. 'YES' is also a word of agreement and positive response. In a nutshell, YESIGN is my little baby!

I would love to know other chocoholics across the world!

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