Tutorial: Chocolate DIY Painting – Beach Edition

There are a few TIPS we want to share when you do a chocolate painting in general. Firstly, keep everything dry and far away from water. If you wash your hands before painting (great! Of cause you will keep it hygienic), allow your hands to dry completely before touching on chocolate. Chocolate is oil-based, and it really doesn’t like water droplets. The second tip is that always keep your brush/palette knife clean and wipe off the chocolate residue from the tools. Any left chocolate on your tool will become very hard and solid, which makes the tool damaged or out of shape. Last but not the least, paint with fewer strokes will leave a cleaner surface. You are welcome to explore different textures with various painting tools.

Let’s give a go now!

Gently remove the chocolate canvas from the package. Display chocolate colours on your palette/plate and melt it thoroughly. Putting in the microwave for 20 seconds each time will be the easiest way.

Start with pale brown colour from the left bottom corner. You can add tiny a bit white as sea waves along the beach.

Scatter some sprinkles loosely on the beach to represent the crowd on the beach.

Add darkest blue colour at the right top corner.

Gradually mix a lighter blue and paint closer to beachside. It is about adding up blue gradually.

Add white and the lightest blue to connect and overlay the edge of the beach.

Scatter some sprinkles loosely on top of the painting before it is completely dry.

Share your complete artwork by tagging us on Instagram/chocolateyesign!

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